COMPLETED EVENT: Eclipse 2017 Road Trip: Still Point Messages with Rainbow Oracles

Experience this once in a lifetime opportunity from anywhere in the world to be an intimate part of the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, directly receiving messages hidden in the still points to awaken your unique Rainbow Oracle gifts.

These Technicolor gifts are the richest and most authentic offerings you have/are, and this solar eclipse is the perfect catalyst to finally break free and trust your dopeness.

Eclipse 2017 Road Trip

—Still Point Messages with Rainbow Oracles

with Mellissae Lucia

What: You will become a co-pilot on the enchanted road trip into the still point wisdom of the eclipse with artist and Oracle Mellissae Lucia. This is a remarkable opportunity for a front row, insider’s view into this epic event, engaging in the unfolding rainbows in the dark story as Luscious Lady Leo Lucia shares the signs, synchronicities, and messages received along the way. Our rainbows in the dark are the paradox of our greatest gifts being cloaked in our shadows, and this eclipse is orchestrated to liberate our neglected gleaming brilliance.

Where: We travel from Southern California to Trinity Hot Springs in Idaho for the eye/I of the eclipse, which has some of the oldest and deepest mineral hot springs on the planet, camping on private land Sunday night to be in the band of totality for the most prized eclipse viewing on the 21st. (There is still space to join us at Trinity in Idaho too if you are looking for an amazing, affordable, ease-filled eclipse experience).

When: For a full week between August 15–23, 2017 Mellissae will track the unfolding inter-dimensional communications during the journey, sharing them with you in whatever ways technology will allow*.

How: These mystical missives may come through videos, photographs, various art mediums, Oracle readings, performances and dances, rituals and ceremonies, recorded channelings or live broadcasts, earth altars, and any other methods that are called forth that the Technology Guardians allow. There are many unknowns along this journey including how the energy grid will react to the darkness, and we will discover the unfolding narrative together. There will also be some surprises along the way, and most of it will only be shared in this unique offering through emailed messages when the content can be uploaded*.

FullSizeRender 2

Who: During the four-day “Restival” at Trinity Hot Springs in Idaho we will commune with the powerful Water Spirits and sacred lands, co-creating with the transformative tribe gathered for the event including the StarryTeller and astrologer Gemini Brett. Mellissae will share highlights and wisdom gleaned during this amazing gathering where we will explore the I within the eye of the eclipse.



$59 receive all of the exclusive, magical messages received during the sacred pilgrimage



$89 all content and a single card emailed Oracle reading revealing your Rainbow Brilliance

$169 all content and a three card Oracle and enchanted charms reading plus COOL Stuff mailed to YOU! 

Emerging Archetypes of the Eclipse

Some of the archetypal themes already revealing themselves about this eclipse cycle that may weave into our journey are: claiming our regal, solar sovereignty; Sabian Symbols of mermaids emerging from the ocean; birds as ancient auguries; unexpected, abundant windfalls; embracing our playful, authentic innocence; becoming more earthened to ascend; finding our true Soul Family; and of course embodying our rainbows in the dark.

A Deeper Dive with Your Own Oracle Reading

You also have the opportunity to take this experience to a deeper level by receiving either a single card reading about stepping into your rainbow brilliance, or a three card Oracle spread with charms and earth elements (many found along the way) illuminating the synergistic potentials in merging your polarities. Both choices will be done by Mellissae with her Oracle of Initiation deck and will be shared by email along with the three card option getting goodies in their mailbox**. (Photo above of Carrie Paris’ Magpie Oracle charms and other magical talismans on Mellissae’s 2016 Top 10 holiday letter).

Mellissae’s Oracle readings tend to be both practical and profound, offering new angles on why you incarnated in this lifetime and how to step more fully into those soul gifts. She also offers a playful mix of irreverence and fun to bring the joy back to spiritual awakening. She will do your individual readings in the days following her immersion in the eclipse void, offering the reflections of that attunement in your personalized messages.

**With the three card spread you will also receive a snail-mail packet with your own Deluxe Rainbow Oracle card, the three cards that were pulled for you, and some other road trip goodies and power items unique to you that will help anchor in your new frequencies. SO FUN.

42. Conviction with guardian Sekhmet in the Oracle of Initiation deck

Lioness Guardian Sekhmet Calls us to Claim Our Regal Sun Within

With the Sun in Leo during this eclipse, sharing the heartfelt brilliance of our authentic gifts is front and center for being activated. In Mellissae’s shape shifting Oracle of Initiation divination deck created in subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico, card 42. Conviction calls us to Be Bold. The channeled message from the Oracle book by the Egyptian Lioness guardian for the card, Sekhmet, invites us into our illuminated regal power:

“Call your regal sun within, claim your position as a mighty pride of solar deities. Become a great attractor, star systems of such mighty power and integrity that they cause deviation in the paths of other galaxies.”

Sign up at any level now to become part of this once in a lifetime, unfolding sacred pilgrimage into the heart of the eclipse experiencing the deep magic and playful power of liberating our Rainbow Oracle radiance. None of us know what will transpire, and that is so exciting!

Mellissae will also be offering an Oracle of Initiation and a Sacred Selfie workshop during the gathering at Trinity Hot Springs. See below for workshop descriptions. The event still has space so sign up now if you want a magical, ease-filled experience with the eclipse.

The Oracle of Initiation

About Your Adventure Guide:

Sunny Surrealist Mellissae Lucia is an artist and adventurer having spent over two decades immersed in Norse, African, and Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream-work, and archetypal psychology.

Her products and artwork have won multiple awards including The Oracle of Initiation being voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association. She is currently teaching at the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego’s Balboa Park. She also offers online courses on experimental digital photography and collage, as well as how to make your own Oracle decks from vision through to production.

She has presented at LETS: Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium; The Women of Wisdom Conference; The Northwest Tarot Symposium; and Readers StudioTarot & Psychology Conference. She sells her Oracle decks, books, and prints online and also offers Oracle readings as well as Painted Body initiations in the New Mexico desert. And look for her #LuciaGraffiti around the world.

Workshops at Trinity Hot Springs:

The Oracle of Initiation—Rainbows in the Dark

Working with the spellbinding and visionary Oracle of Initiation deck created in subterranean graffiti tunnels in the New Mexico desert, we will explore the illuminated power hidden in our shadows. These rainbows in the dark are the portals through which the infinity point of the eclipse will open new doorways to access the limitless Source Creativity that is our birthright. The Oracle is the mirror, the catalyst for integrating our Technicolor polarities—our Rainbow Oracles—dancing with the paradox of becoming more earthened to ascend. The Oracle embodies the wisdom of many cultures and many voices with the ability to unleash the new myths we may each step into after this event, embracing the light at the beginning of the tunnel.

Sacred Selfies—Experimental Mobile Photography as Holographic Mirror

The Japanese Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu, was coaxed from her self-imposed exile in the cave to reclaim her illuminate beauty as an inspiration to herself and the collective. It is time to come out of the cave and beam our radiant, holographic essences as nourishing gifts to navigate these dynamic times. Through the magic of experimental mobile photography we will flip the script on the projections of self-obsession that selfies have endured, exploring the many faces and facets that are activating within each of us in these transformative times. These mighty little machines have deep mystical powers, and with the sacred land and waters of Trinity Hot Springs, amplified by the eclipse, we will petition the Spirits to mirror our magnificence to us, carrying that knowing back out into the world. We will use the Oracle of Initiation deck as the jumping off point for what multidimensional aspects of our psyches are coming online now.






















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