EVENT: Sacred Selfies: MagicALL Mirrors (Online Course)

Let’s start a Sacred Selfies revolution, mirroring ALL our magic within!

In this playful online adventure, you will enter into a dynamic dialogue with the multilayered aspects of yourself and the world around you, flipping the script of this disrespected art form to explore the power of healthie selfies.

Selfies have gotten a bad rap, seen as the poster child for an externalized search for validation. But what if selfies were actually a gateway to the self-love we all crave, we just need to come at them with a different intention? What if we allowed our cameras to become co-creative playmates, reflecting back the beloved within? And when we expand our perceptions of ourselves, the world around us shifts to meet those new visions, liberating greater connections, passions, and potentials.

What: An online multimedia exploration into the deep power and play available through photographic self-portraiture as a way to claim your unique magnificence. Scroll down to see the course outline. NOTE: some of the course content has nudity in the inspiring examples because some of the artists are exploring that as part of their work.

When: This is a self-paced, online drip course that you can join at anytime. It will open January 9, 2018 to begin your New Year with fresh, fascinating, fun adventures.

Who: Any and everyone who yearns to meet the diverse, delicious aspects of your multilayered self through a dialogue with your camera’s enchanted eye. This course is an embodied romp into innovative and experimental mediums, with your body as the main model. Come all ye brave and curious ones for a rockin’ good time. Let the wild rumpus start!

How: For just $159 you will have unlimited access to the one-of-a-kind course

As the Oracle of Delphi wisely offered,

the essential quest is to “Know Thyselfie.”

About the Course

This twelve lesson, self-paced online journey will guide you through delightful, irreverent, and fascinating practices designed to reclaim the transformative power of self-portraiture. This will be a full body, all in, analog and digital process. Get ready to see yourself in surprising, fresh, and revolutionary ways.

Some of the selfies exercises will include mixed-media escapades with your images, taking your embodied photography adventures to whole new levels. You will also learn three of my favorite apps for easily crafting compelling digital images. And there will also be inspiring artists who have taken photographic self-portraiture to whole new levels shared throughout the process to guide your own wild experimentation (see some of these self-portrait montages here-both anonymous and well-known selfie devotees).

Witnessing Tribe

Although the course is self-directed, we will also have a public Facebook group where you may share your emerging odysseys into the world of healthie selfies (professor Charisse L’Pree gets credit for this term from her TED Talk). An essential human need is to be seen, cherished, and appreciated for our unique essence (think the Goo Goo Doll’s song Iris: “I just want you to know who I am.”).

Through posting your evolving sense of selfie-self, the Facebook group will be a safe container to reveal your emerging creative voices and visions. Selfies are an intimate, tender way to delve into the many personas and potentials hidden within your multidimensional spirit. When your own creative joy and confidence shines, it encourages the rest of us to unleash our own radiance, and this brilliance revolution will change the world. And this public forum offers the power of being witnessed by other brave, curious, and kind souls claiming their own cocky fresh magic however that manifests.

You will not see another course like this, mixing innovative, playful image making jaunts with cutting-edge multimedia projects for honing your creative confidence and capabilities.

Course Outline

Dynamic Dialogue—Permission to Play

  • Elemental Ecstasy—Barefoot Boogie
  • Muse Messages—Found Objects
  • Surrealist Sonnets—Picture Poetics
  • Secret Squirrel—Sneaky Selfies & Awkward Usies

Diverse Dopeness—Permission to Preen

  • Many Me Mixtape—Morphing Montages
  • Sacredly Adorned—Your Own #SignatureLook
  • Awesome Uglies—Silly Sanctification
  • Beauty Bias—Erotic Ownership

Digitoral Democracy—Permission to Provoke

  • Altered Identity Altars—Selfie Scribed Stories
  • Deliciously Disposable—Decomposing Images
  • Holographic Transparencies—Multilayered Reflections
  • Selfie Social Artist—New Myth Makers

Supplies Needed

  • Image taking devices:

    • Mobile phones (iPhone or Android).
    • Tablets, iPads, and iPods.
    • Disposable, Brownie, and underwater cameras.
    • Plastic Holgas or other Lomography analog gems.
    • Holy Polaroids and handmade pinhole cameras.
    • Photo Booth machines (old school film preferred).
    • Swanky Rolleiflexs, Leicas, DSLRs, and large format camera—anything that you can capture images of yourself with.
  • Some way to print out the photos you take. Either with your own color printer or outsourcing it.
  • Basic art supplies along with clear transparencies if you choose. You can decided when those practices come up, but I would say some permanent markers, paints, and collage materials. We will be messing around, so other than the transparencies, which I found a package of fifty 8.5×10’s at about $15 on Amazon, you will use what you have.
  • The ability to navigate the workflow of your devices. If you want to play with the suggested apps for both Apple and Androids devices, you will need to know how to download the applications and then also how to move photos between applications to alter them. The apps cost $4.00.

Your Guide

Lucia is a Sunny Surrealist artist and adventurer who has been exploring self-portraiture since she was a child through classic Photo Booths and early punk rock Polaroids. Fifteen years ago she undertook a seven-year vision quest after the death of her husband into subterranean graffiti tunnels and hidden canyons and caves in New Mexico, creating over 40,000 Sacred Selfies images in her Painted Body ritualistic photography series.

Those Painted Body images now grace her award-winning Oracle of Initiation divination deck, and she currently offers Painted Body wild feminine initiations in her beloved Abiquiu, NM. She also teaches experimental digital photography courses both online and at The Palm Springs Art Museum and The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego’s Balboa Park. And if you have always wanted to create your own Oracle deck, she has an immersive, six-month online course discerning your deck’s vision through the practical production aspects of completing your own enchanted wisdom cards. www.Mellissaelucia.com. www.Mellissaelucia.wordpress.com

Sacred Selfie devotee Lucia

Online courses: 

Online she is offering both the new Creative Digital Collage class and a six-month process on creating your own magical Oracle/Wisdom cards that combines the visionary aspects of making a deck with practical production knowledge for non-techies (the next deck making series will begin February 2019).

By August 2018 her popular iPhone Image Adventures class will be available again to guide you in finding the hidden magic all around you in astonishing Hipstamatic mobile photographs.

Look for the new Sacred Selfies course launching January 2018.

In-person courses: 

September, 2018 Our Temples Illuminated, a four-month earthen body journey into the wild feminine will begin, including an initiation into Lucia’s hidden canyons and caves of her Oracle deck in Abiquiu, NM. Contact Lucia for more information.

November 10-11, 2018 Camp Souldust mini-camp Open Studio Art pARTay fun with Whitney Freya near Seattle, WA.

February 8-10, 2019 she will be the Keynote Speaker at the North Star Tarot Conference in Minneapolis, MN. 






















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