Mother Mary Cemented In: New Mexico Cemeteries Part 3

How does it get any better than this, brilliant beaming New Mexico skies, ravens chattering away, and the absolute perfection of the imperfection in the Ojo Caliente cemetery?

This is my third blog post on New Mexico cemeteries, and there were a few new finds today, including multiple Mother Mary forms cemented into the hand-made headstones that I had previously missed. They were amazing.

This shows why it is a good idea to return to your favorite spots over and over again (if you can) because you have the potential of seeing new things.

Sending love from my favorite place in the world (with Guanajuato, Mexico, and the cemetery there holding a solid second-place position). Part one of this series on cemeteries for recovering perfectionists here, and part two here.

One Reply to “Mother Mary Cemented In: New Mexico Cemeteries Part 3”

  1. Hi Mellissae,

    I am delighted that you are soon to move back to the Inland NW – around Wallowa? Anyway, I am interested in learning more about the shamanic work that you participated in when you lived here for the Scandinavian Shamanism. Do you have any contact info or website that I can go to for a little further research. Hope you are have a great entry into the new year. Sending you my love dear friend and spirit sister.

    Love Laurie



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