Why There is No Substitution for Attending Divination Conferences ‘In Real Life’


Oracle of Initiation and fellow indie deck creators Uusi’s new Supra Oracle

Most of us spend an astonishing amount of time in front of a screen. In real life experiences have become almost expendable, while we engage with so many communities through social media platforms. As with everything to do with the internet, this virtual community has both pros and cons. I have been considering how I want my life to look as we move through these tumultuous times, and a major goal is more eye-to-eye, in the same zip code playtime with other creatives.

You meet the best people! Andrew Kyle McGregor, Nancy Antenucci, Carrie Paris, James Wells, and moi.

For nearly three decades I have been blessed to be part of many groups of visionary people who feel good to be with. One of the gifts of these revolutionary times is many more of our creative tribe members are being revealed to us. An essential way to cultivate these new connections is through in-person events. There is no substitution for the recognition of another sparkling spirit in front of you who you know is destined to be your friend.

NWTS sweeties!

Divination is often done alone, yet when experienced and embodied at live events, it takes on whole new levels of meaning. Some of the most powerful epiphanies I have ever had have been in well-crafted workshops of fellow diviners and Oracles. And it can be fun. So much fun. Part of what is amazing about conscious intuitives is that almost all of them see the world through enchanted eyes. They would not use divination tools if they did not believe on some level that there was a world beyond what we can see. Out of that humble, imaginative place comes people who are willing to be experimental, open to fresh and transformative ways to live our lives. These are the people I want to invest in. And these are the people you can meet at these conferences.

Altar making image by Jen MacNiven

There are two upcoming divination events that I am thrilled to be part of. Each of these gathering will be filled with other open-minded, interesting people you want to meet. There will be amazing workshops where you will learn more about yourself and your motivations; how to navigate these turbulent and dynamic times. And did I say it can be fun? Look at your schedule for early 2019 and buy your tickets to the events that call you. I will be the Keynote speaker at the North Star Tarot Conference in Minnesota February 8-10, 2019 as well as doing a raucously fun presentation at the wonderful Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon March 1-4, 2019. Click on the name of the events above to sign up and to find out how to get special room rates at the hotels.

The conference in Minnesota through the Twin Cities Tarot Collective will be on the theme of the Major Arcana birth cards for 2019 exploring the Hanged Man and the Empress energies. I am cooking up a very interactive presentation for that event around true vows and blasting through tribal trances. At the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland I will be sharing a really fun new process called Peephole Portals. One of my personal credos is “never underestimate the power of play,” and everything I design revolves around experimentation, delight, and divine intervention. Join us, your play posse is awaiting you!

Your magical and fun new friends are waiting for you! Photo by Jabulile Dayton with the Oracle of Initiation and the Vision Quest Tarot
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