Oracle Of Initiation™ Divination Sessions

An Oracle reading with Cappy Thompson from MK Barr’s Painted in the Desert film
  • Are you yearning to live your creative passions NOW?
  • Do you need a visionary perspective on who you are today to release the old stories and patterns?
  • Are you ready to reframe your challenges into your greatest gifts and offer that brilliance to the world?
  • Do you sense your dualities are the gateway to embodying your true essence but you don’t know how to integrate them?
  • Are you wondering who your sacred allies currently are and how to work more adeptly with these enchanting and essential guardians and guides?

If you answered yes to any of these soul callings you are in a powerful initiatory process. You are asking life-changing questions and a reading with the Oracle will shed critical light on your sacred contracts and most radiant potentials in this lifetime.


Mellissae’s Oracle readings remind me how much support always surrounds me. She is seamless as a conduit, offering the purpose and possible potentials within what is currently occurring. Her readings give me clear, applicable steps for navigating my work, personal, parenting, and spiritual lives, while still honoring the mysteries constantly unfolding. Our deep work together during the New Mexico Temples Illuminated Earthenbody Journey was an essential aspect of calling in my beloved partner and learning how to receive.

 Rebecca Cavender, Eastern WA 

Since our Oracle of Initiation session reclaiming essential aspects of my adolescent self, I have felt so full of life—it is almost as if I’m being fed energy from another source. It has changed everything. 

Brian Koerner, Southern CA

Mellissae has an important gift to share with the world, so listen up and get ready to be blown away! The story of her journey of transformation holds important clues on how to listen when Spirit speaks, and successfully navigate life’s ups and downs. As you listen, you will find yourself re-membering your own connections—to Spirit, to the land, to your body and your embodiment of the divine, your creative expression, your sense of adventure—deep in the moment, tapping into an ancient past, you are propelled into the future and suddenly all things become timeless…. You will be called to embark upon your own journey through the rabbit hole, surrendering to your inner guidance that knows the way, bound to discover the secrets of life, your life. Only get a reading from her if you dare. Once the transformation begins, there’s no going backwards.”

Jennifer Masters, Shamanic Priestess, San Diego, CA

Mellissae Lucia’s energy and spirit called to me directly from New Mexico, and my meeting with her was profound, fun-spirited, clarifying. The reading moved so much energy and clarified so much that I could hardly be still! And so I started seeking more clients in my private practice, said no to the things that were not working, created space and the clients came. What a joyous heart she has, and this, I believe, is what keeps the door open for her to the other side. I believe that everyone who is open to change, curious or lost should experience at least one reading with Mellissae in their lifetime. Her connection to spirit and the other side is strong. Her accuracy is exquisite and surprising, but a comfort at the same time!

Lisa Scott-Wilkie, San Diego, CA

 It didn’t matter that Mellissae Lucia and I had never met, nor that we were doing a reading for my birthday over the phone.  It was a deeply intuitive and insightful reading that answered my questions, even though I never got them asked, and addressed the issues that have been so troublesome, even though I hadn’t told her about them. She, and the cards, and I were just so attuned that the reading flowed and danced in just the right way.  And in the few weeks since the reading, my energy has been positively bubbling and my spirit has been singing, further confirmation, if I needed more, that this reading was just really right on.

Jeanne Raines Fort Wayne, IN

Thank you for our power-filled Oracle of Initiation session yesterday!  Diving deep into the ancient lineage programs is proving cathartic and transformative … the shifts being seen and felt in a big way beginning last night.  Thank you, Dear One, for the beauty, wisdom and brutal compassion you offer and Live.

Stacey Robyn, Tempe AZ,  

I’ve had the opportunity to do readings with Lucia many times in the last several years, in many different settings. Without exception, every reading has been accurate and relevant to my life.  She is always insightful and thought-provoking.  I have received messages through these readings that have literally changed the course of my life.

Karen Castilon, Leesburg, Virginia

Rarely does an oracle offer readings which unfold new meaning to the self and the sacred archetypes behind our lives. I use this deck to expand my intuitive skills, in ritual, and as daily advice. It is beautifully done, well-made, and somehow both very personal and archetypal. It is pure magic. 

Jamie Star, MA, MHP, LMHCA, Lynwood, WA

 Mellissae Lucia is one of the smartest, most adept, and brightest Spiritual counselors  I have encountered. She radiates love, optimism, and graciousness. She was able to give me insights about my career path that seemed obvious in retrospect but were absolutely hidden from me at the time. Her perspective on my travails helped calm and reassure me that I was traveling the right path. She’s a sure bet if you are looking for insight and direction.”

Nancy Desmond, Lynwood, WA

Mellissae and I met for literally for 2 seconds at Esalen. I remember of her a bright light and luminescent being, with no clue of what she looked like afterwards because our encounter was so brief. At that time I was very far from being in contact consciously with any spiritual awareness. At Esalen Mellissae had business cards: I took one….and that’s when my entire life changed. I called Mellissae for a reading, and from that day on we have not stopped our conversations that enlightens my awareness of a world of magic that I had no knowledge of. With her support, her clear-sightedness, her loving sweetness, I cleared So much of my lineage’s blockages. I reconnected with my own energy and Power. I discovered the world of my Spirits, The Fairies, a reality that she, step by step, helped me to trust and embrace. Mellissae has been a teacher, a fairy, a guide, and a friend that I wish everyone to be as fortunate as I am to have. THANK YOU MELLISSAE!!!!” 

IVP  Paris, France

I loved and appreciated the Oracle of Initiation reading with you so much. Plus, you have inspired me to be more of myself and to find out what that is. You are so brave and limitless in your expression of your true self. I admire your courage and intensity. This has deeply affected me and I am grateful to you as one of my teachers. 

Melinda Pajak, San Diego, CA

I just wanted to Thank You again for my reading. I had been asking Spirit to answer me as to what to do about my romantic relationship. You were able to tune right in and tell me my spiritual calling is tapping on the window of my heart and to trust all will turn out as it should for my highest good. I still remember your sweet smile and kind eyes of compassion knowing what I have been feeling. I checked out your website-seeing the card images gave a face to my Spirit guides who are wanting to communicate with me.

Diana Delacruz, Houston TX

 More About Oracle Readings and Spiritual Initiation Counseling: 

Oracle of Initiation readings tend to be both practical and profound, with a playful mix of awe and delight in the beauty of our sacred awakenings. You may choose a single session to address a specific situation or commit to the powerful metamorphosis available through Spiritual Initiation Counseling. This level of work offers you the support of one who has personally navigated the terrain of spiritual resurrection and understands how to guide others into trusting and embodying their own instinctive knowing.

My own process during my seven-year vision quest creating the 70,000 ritualistic photography images in the Oracle after the death of my husband has offered me great insights and tools to guide others into claiming their own wild, creative freedom. If you show up and meet your initiatory opportunities during this work it has the potential to move mountains in every aspect of your life. This work requires an ongoing commitment and traditionally weekly appointments over a number of months. Only call me for this if you are truly ready to meet your own sovereign potential, moving from breakdown to breakthrough.

Individual and group deep transformation experiences in creative embodiment are also available in New Mexico. Contact me for more information.

ShuffleTarot image above of the Oracle of Initiation deck.

Choose how long you’d like and press the link to pay with Paypal:

Half an hour— $90
One hour— $160
One and a half hours
— $220

You can gift readings to friends and family!

E-mail Mellissae Lucia to schedule: earthenbody@gmailcom

Oracle of Initiation Divination Sessions
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