Radio Interviews with Mellissae Lucia

Boulder Business Podcast – April, 2015
Mellissae Lucia: An Unforged Path
3 Tips
1) You have to love what you do to keep going when it gets tough.
2) Remember you’re shifting paradigms and give yourself credit.
3) Surround yourself with friends and support for those “Eeyore” days.

Mellissae Lucia starts at 29:38

Kris Steinnes interviewed Mellissae on Voices of Women Radio show about her workshop at the 23rd annual Women of Wisdom Conference called Artemis Return: Reclaim your Wild Feminine Through Oracles presented February 16th, 2015, Seattle, WA.

First half of interivew is with Melissa Rosenberger talking about her workshop: The Völvas of Seiðr Wyse-Women of Northern Europe

James Wells interviewed Mellissae about her Medicine
Walk with Your Muses
presentation for the teleseminar starting Januarty 14, 2015 “Embodied Divination:A Sacred Pilgrimage to Activate Your Creative Gifts.” Along with James and Mellissae, Carrie Paris, Nancy Antenucci, and Andrew McGregor presented.

The Hermits Lamp-July 2014
Culture, Spirits, and Initiations – An Interview with Mellissae Lucia

Tarot Tribe-Beyond Worlds Tarot – March 2011
Shape-Shift your Destiny in 2011 with Melissa Weiss Steele & The Oracle of Initiation

EtheoRadio-August 2010
Shamanism-A conversation with Oracle Mellissae Lucia

The Hillary Raimo Show-August 2010
Navigating the Shadowy & Shape-shifting Landscape of Spiritual Transformation

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