EVENT: Santos & Signs: Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys NEW Deck and Workshop

The new Santos and Signs—Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys divination deck are modern prayer cards for all your pilgrimages of the soul. Whether your quests are within or without, these portable icons offer divine guidance for all of your voyages between the worlds. This new online course is a perfect introduction to working with the deck and expanding your own skills navigating with your sacred allies in these powerful realms. 

What:  A new set of 104 Oracle cards with bonus, one-of-a-kind additional cards and magical little charms in each collection, and an online course when the veils are thinnest to commune between the worlds.

When:  The course is four weeks of content with two live calls on Wednesday nights. The content starts from October 30 through November 20, 2019.  The two live Zoom calls will be November 6th and 20th at 4 pm PST. 

NOTE: If you are international and wish to do the class, you could follow at your own pace now. It takes a bit of time to get the materials to you, but you can still do all of the experiences on your own schedule and watch the live call replays. 

Who:  You do not need previous experience journeying or divining, and what emerges will be ideal for your own emergence.

How:  Sign up for the online course by clicking on the yellow PayPal button for your location. Your registration includes a copy of the new Santos & Signs deck and also a Funky Fortunes one-of-a-kind mixed-media divination kit to craft your own enchanting wisdom cards, and all of the course content. If you would like two or three payments for the course email me and we will set it up: earthenbody@gmail.com

Pro tip:  My mailing list always gets the best offerings, discounts, and bonuses. It would be good to join: http://www.mellissaelucia.com





More about the deck:

The imagery in Santos and Signs is a mix-tape, mash-up of religious iconography from decaying Catholic cemeteries and roadside shrines, combined with the symbolic directives from the handmade highway advertisements. These Santos and signs are faithful GPS coordinates with both earthly and transcendent messages for navigating your emerging potentials. 

It is an intuitive cross-training tool, with the guidance revealed through the communion of saints as your own personal divine intercessors; amulets of protection in pocket-sized packaging. These are hardworking, dedicated Santos who are there to offer solace and support as you gather all of the fragments of your soul, embracing your clay footed divinity. Put them to work, guiding all of your leaps of faith into the unknown of your true destinies.

The deck is 104 pocket-sized cards (2.5” x 3.5”) for traveling pilgrimages, and there are three main components to the deck. The first is the Santos, your 72 otherworldly councils of divine intercessors guiding your sacred quests from an ascended viewpoint. The second aspect is the graffiti-strewn highway billboards that are contemporary oracles with mystical instructions hidden in their beautifully deteriorating graphics.

The final element is the 32 single word devotional concepts (1.75” x 2.5”) that suggest either the perspectives or actions for best embracing the current phases of your journey. Each set will be completely unique with three additional cards, some magical little charms and elemental items. One of these bonus cards will also be a  Funky Fortunes card with a one-of-a-kind message specifically for you. It comes in a wonderful Virgin Mary organic cotton pouch.

The deck will have an inspirational PDF with information about approaching pilgrimages and living a life of devotion in motion, but overall the cards are to be read with your own intuitive knowing. You will need to contact me to receive the PDF (my goal is to have it ready by mid-December 2019. I am doing a pilgrimage to Guadalupe in Southern New Mexico for her feast day on the 12th, and I want that included in the information).  Click the button below to purchase the deck only for your location. Shipping costs are included in this price: 







More about the course:

When the veils between the worlds are thinnest, classically honored through the traditions of Día de Muertos, Samhain, All Saints Day, and the Quero Apache New Year, we have more transparent, direct access to our otherworldly guardians and guides. Using the new Santos and Signs deck, along with creating your own one-of-a-kind Funky Fortunes cards, we will gather in this new online class to connect with your Ancestors and Spirits while traveling between the worlds. 

Oracle maven Carrie Paris’ Funky Fortunes cards

This season is an essential gateway to releasing what no longer serves you,  stepping into deeper levels of trust in navigating through your instinctive knowing; accessing both practical and profound communications that will guide the coming year that will set up the next thirty years of our lives. 

You do not need previous experience journeying or divining, and what emerges will be ideal for your own emergence. There will be four main components to the course, and they will be simultaneously playful, practical, and profound, exploring how to trust and use your intuitive guidance systems now. 

Funky Fortunes card fun with deck creator Kitten Chops

An outline of the course is below, and more information will be received after you sign up for this powerful journey into deeper communion with your otherworldly intercessors and allies.

  1. Pause—Entry Etiquette 

The Alchemy of Allowing

Journey to the Cavern of Lost Dreams 

  1. Pray—Threshold Teachings 

Yielding to Spirit

Holy Paradox 

  1. Purify—Reclaiming Your Fragments in Different Time Zones 

It’s a Good Day to Die

Journey to the Sámi Grandmother of the Bow 

  1. Pledge—Devotion in Motion & All the True Vows 

Original Instructions

Modern Mystics Without Monasteries 

The class includes: 

  • Two divination tools, including the new Santos and Signs deck and a one-of-a-kind Funky Fortunes mixed-media divination kit to craft your own enchanting wisdom cards.  
  • Eight self-directed experiences, including intuitive journeys, contemplative practices, creative projects, and unique divination processes, emailed bi-weekly for the four weeks of the class.
  • There will be two live, interactive two-hour Zoom calls divining and journeying with the Santos and Signs deck and your Funky Fortunes handmade messages. 


Prints of the images from the deck:

Any of the photos from the Santos & Signs deck may be purchased either as Giclee archival pigment prints on watercolor paper or as dye-sublimation metal prints. The Giclee prints are more affordable and need a way to be hung. They have lovely, rich tones to them; see the image above. The metal prints are ready to hang and look as if they are lit from within. They are gorgeous. See the image below of a happy customer with her three metal Distinegrating Devotions cemetery images that are in the deck. The costs include shipping in the US. We will need to determine international shipping costs. Some of the Route 66 images are square, but the pricing should be comparable.





Practical goodness:

The new Santos and Signs deck came through so quickly that I need to make sure that you get your cards in time for the live calls. I will send out your Funky Fortunes kits immediately, and we will honor divine timing so that your Santos deck will reach you at the perfectly imperfect time (especially for you beautiful international ones). NOTE: If you are international and wish to play along with the class, you need to sign up for the course immediately to get your materials by the time the class begins. Immediately is by mid-October. 

You will need to sign up for the Zoom app, and the invitations to the calls can also be accessed through the phone. The videos will be recorded if you are in a different time zone and need to watch the replays. You will still get a lot out of the classes witnessing the exchanges of the live attendees. 

Please reach out if you have any more questions, and I cannot wait to see what emerges for all of us in this journey into the thin, liminal, non-ordinary-reality realms. 

Photo by Jennifer MacNiven in Abiquiu, NM.

About the maker:

Mellissae Lucia is an award-winning artist, author, oracle, and adventurer. Her visionary Oracle of Initiation deck was birthed during a seven-year Earthenbody quest after the death of her husband when she created over 70,000 ritualistic photographs across the globe. 

Descending alone and nude into subterranean graffiti tunnels in New Mexico, she stepped between the worlds to crafted this tool for embodying your own sovereign, animal body power in these fierce and fluid times. 

She now initiates small groups and individuals into embodying their creative courage and instinctive knowing in Georgia O’Keeffe’s enchanted New Mexico terrain. 

Fall 2019, she released a new deck called Santos and Signs—Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys with imagery from her Disintegrating Devotions decaying Catholic cemetery photography series. There have been 115 Campo Santos visited in New Mexico so far, as well as Panteóns and cementerios in Oaxaca and Guanajuato, Mexico. She sells all her decks and books online, offers oracle readings, and teaches classes both virtually and in real life about claiming your radiant self-authority.

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is also currently writing a book for creatives about the innovative power of embracing revolutionary new rhythms through the paradox of wasting time. Look for her #Luciagraffiti around the world. www.MellissaeLucia.com

Photo by Jennifer MacNiven in Abiquiu, NM.