EVENT: Deep Play Divination 2020: Innovative Navigation with UnëXpêctēd Oracles Online Series

Deep Play Divination 2020: Innovative Navigation with UnëXpêctēd Oracles 

A basic characteristic of play is that it appears purposeless. It must necessarily appear so, because transformative ideas—wether in the arts or the sciences—are unpredictable, unscriptable, the result of chance encounters. They rely on bringing domains into dialogue that would remain incongruous and disparate if it were not for the sheer pleasure that we derive from novelty and improvisation.

—Phillip Prager, Play and the Avant-Guarde: Aren’t We All a Little Dada

Are you yearning to let mystery, magic, and the improvisational power of play lead your life? 

2020 is a watershed year for crafting sustainable structures for the next thirty years of your life. There are unprecedented opportunities to step into the potentials you have always dreamed of, but how you approach these opportunities, and well as who is along on the journey, is as important as what the outcomes may be.

In this series of four seasonal online adventures throughout 2020, we will apprentice to deep play divination through imaginative oracular processes inspired by both the Surrealists and Dadaists. Those two experimental art movements were rebellious crews of visionaries in the early part of the last century who prized happenstance and improvisation to inform their playfully anarchistic productions. Embracing the wild style wisdom of these pioneers, we will welcome the power of novelty, humor, and serendipity to unleash radical trust in your ability to manifest fabulous new potentials. Everything is an Oracle if you trust your instincts. 

Enchanting Materials 

This series is chocked full of amazing, one-of-a-kind divination materials and processes (including seven different decks included in the Full Monty option) that you will not find anywhere else. There will be four-weeks of content to do at your own pace for each section, the seven live two-hour calls, and the Facebook group for sharing your oracular epiphanies.

These deliciously cool kits are going to be so playfully powerful for those involved. The specific materials arriving throughout the year will all be ritualistically chosen for the individual, and there will be big, BIG magic in the things that arrive at your doorstep.

Fellow Daydream Believers 

Play Posse guide Mellissae Lucia is known for her irreverently reverent offerings, and you never know what will transpire when we get together and explore beyond the edge of the cards and ordinary reality. An essential aspect of the journey is also the community of your fellow Daydream Believin’ playmates who will gather in the course. These echo chambers around you have an enormous influence on what comes into your life and how you can sustain radical trust in your magic, so even if your fellow adventurers are in different Zip codes or even continents, there is wisdom they have for your own evolution. 

Outline of the Course

UnëXpêctēd Oracles 

Mapping 2020—To Infinity and Beyond 

January 24 to February 14—with two calls on Saturdays at 10 am-12 PST 1/25 & 2/8

Using a cache of contemporary, well-known, brand new Tarot and Oracle decks, we will manipulate the cards in ways you may have never considered, nor had the nerve to do. You will have a blast deconstructing, fragmenting, and reassembling your one-of-a-kind set of cards into fascinating and informative logistical readings, and these unique augury objects will reveal novel messages on how to best meet your pivotal crossroads throughout 2020.

Materials: Your own unique set of over 100 new, well-known Oracle and Tarot cards along with the Funky Fortunes stickers and chips, chits, and charms to be tampered and tinkered with.  

Santos & Signs 2.0 

Resurrección Radiance 

April 10 to May 2—with two calls on Saturdays at 1 pm-3 pm PST 4/18 & 4/25 

In this portion of the program, we will explore the dual nature of getting out of the way and receiving support. The Santos are hardworking, dedicated allies who are always available to support your unique journeys. The trick is to know how to ask for support, and then more importantly, how to receive it. Getting out of the way of your old programming and accessing your own Tabula rasa, your clean slate of new opportunities, takes both surrender and dedication. This is the emergence time of the year, and we will petition both the new second Santos & Signs deck and the Mary only deck to activate radical trust in the support all around you to take those next steps into embracing what you truly love and desire. 

Materials: For the full course, both the new second Santos and Mary only decks with bonus cards only printed for this level arriving in your snail mailbox. The other course levels will receive one of those decks of your choice. The Wasting Time prototype deck will probably arrive around this time. It accompanies the book I am writing and is about cycles of creation and accessing inspiration.

Milagros & Mysteries Santos 

Craft Your Own Holy Intermediary

June 19 to July 10—with one call on Saturday at 1 pm-3 pm PST 6/27

Sacredly adorn your own little hand-carved wooden Santo! We will use a selection of unique charms and invocational verses to birth your own altar-ready intermediary to access your essential innocence. Along with the little figure, you will create a unique inner-child and adolescent deck to guide these vital aspects of your psyche when they need attention and integration. For those in the entire course, a second Tender Mercies deck will also be crafted using the Funky Fortunes process.

Materials: You will receive a 5 1/2 inch tall, hand-carved wooden Santo with an individualized collection of little modern metal charms and two DIY decks if you are in the entire Full Monty course. This includes the DIY inner-child and adolescent deck and your DIY Tender Mercies cards with a really charming concept. The other course levels include the wooden Santo and the inner-child cards.  

Oracle of Initiation Deluxe 2.0 Edition 

Creative Courage Between the Veils

October 30 to November 20—with two calls at 1 pm-3 pm PST 10/31 & 11/14

During this powerful crossroads, when the veils are thinnest, we will devote our attention to the reprinted Deluxe Oracle of Initiation cards. Because 2020 offers such dynamic opportunities, each of our active participation changes the directions of the cosmos, so this course content will be revealed later in the year. An essential part of thriving in the new realities is to embrace the unknown, and this part of the journey will unveil itself when the time is right.

Materials: A new edition of the Deluxe Oracle of Initiation deck with unique cards printed only for the full course attendees. Because these deep play practices are evolving over the year, there will probably be other materials, but this offers us another opportunity to ‘sit with it’ and not know! (The 400-page Oracle book is offered separately, and the free PDF is always available). 

Course Options

The entire course is sold out. September the 2021 series will open for registration.  

1. The Full Monty-SOLD OUT in Three-weeks 

Everything included with all seven decks and Funky Fortunes materials. There will also be the hand-carved wooden Santo and charms.  All the course content will also be included with the Facebook group and seven live Zoom calls. The magnificent additions to many of the decks only available at this level will also be coming along for the ride.

The seven decks included if you sign up for the entire course:

  • UnëXpêctēd Oracles contemporary Tarot & Oracle set 
  • Santos & Signs 2—extra cards for the full course option
  • Mary only Santos deck—extra cards for the full course option
  • Inner-child & Adolescent DIY cards
  • Tender Mercies DIY cards—only with the full course 
  • Deluxe Oracle of Initiation—new cards only for the full course option
  • Wasting Time prototype deck—only with the full course  

2. Seriously Good Times Options 

Three classes beyond the first one with the choice of the new Santos  2.0 deck or the new Madonnas & Virgens deck, with the  Inner-Child & Adolescent cards, and the Deluxe Oracle of Initiation with all of the course content and calls and Facebook group.

3. Big Fun in 2020 Individual Options-SOLD OUT 

Each class individually with the core content, Facebook group, live calls, and materials for that section.


********There are no refunds on deposits and payments for classes and class materials, but you may transfer to future classes for comparable payments if your schedule necessitates.

Photo in Abiquiu, NM by Jennifer MacNiven

About Your Guide

Sunny Surrealist Mellissae Lucia is an artist, author, and filmmaker who has spent nearly three decades immersed in cross-cultural sacred traditions, indigenous divination, ancestor honoring, and archetypal psychology.

Her products and artwork have won multiple awards, including The Oracle of Initiation being voted a top fifty essential deck by Tarot Professionals Association. She has taught at The Palm Springs Art Museum and The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego’s Balboa Park. She also offers online courses on experimental mobile photography with Hipstamatic, digital collage, as well as a Sacred Selfies course.

She created over 70,000 ritualistic photographs across the globe for her Earthen Body and Painted Body series. The Painted Body series became the artwork in The Oracle of Initiation, with those images produced alone and nude, ceremonially painted in subterranean graffiti tunnels and in the ancient desert landscape of New Mexico.

She has presented at LETS: Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium; The Women of Wisdom Conference; The Northwest Tarot Symposium; Readers Studio Tarot & Psychology Conference; North Star Tarot Symposium as the Keynote Speaker; and Camp Souldust.

She sells her Oracle decks, books, and prints online and offers Oracle readings as well as Earthen Body initiations in the New Mexico desert for small groups of women and non-binary genders. She also offers private immersion artistic and spiritual retreats in Georgia O’Keeffe’s hidden landscape in New Mexico. And look for her #LuciaGraffiti around the world. 

Fall 2019 the Santos & Signs: Holy Intermediaries for Sacred Journeys deck was released with a second version and a Mary/Madonna/Virgens only deck coming in the spring of 2020 with a new set of classes. 





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