Mellissae Lucia is an artist and adventurer, having spent over two decades immersed in Norse, African, and Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream-work, and archetypal psychology.

Mellissae’s work continues the tradition of women artists who have used their own bodies as the primary vessels for their artistic expression. Ana Mendieta, Cindy Sherman, Hannah Wilke, and Francesca Woodman are all artists who used photographic self-portraiture to examine identity, connection and transformation through the camera lens.

In 2008 Mellissae published her first photographic self-portraiture series named Earthen Body. In 2010 she published the premier edition of the Oracle of Initiation divination deck featuring the Painted Body series created on the land in New Mexico. The accompanying book, Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark, was released in early 2012. Also in 2012, MK Barr released a documentary film on Mellissae’s artistic journey and influences called Painted in the Desert.

The Painted Body series were taken alone, and nude, by the artist herself in the ancient desert landscape of arroyos, canyons, caves, and graffiti tunnels surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work, the camera is held at arm’s length, making it a literal extension of her body. At the moment of creation, it is both a part of the art, and of the artist as well. None of the images in The Painted Body series are altered or retouched in any way.

Mellissae has taught a variety of workshops on creativity and spiritual transformation, including Illuminating our Temples: Women’s Journeys into their Sacred Inner Landscapes; The Art of Change: A Women’s Retreat with Horses; and Dancing with Death through The Oracle of Initiation.

She offers Spiritual Initiation Counseling and divination readings with the Oracle, and sells her limited edition decks, books, and fine-art prints on her Oracle of Initiation website:



Collaboration with Wendy Mulhern on the new book Infinite Permission-a healing journey home

Collaboration with Wendy Mulhern on the new book Infinite Permission-a healing journey home

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