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Our 4th Anniversary-My Beloved Hipstamatic

photo-67 copy

Four years ago today my life changed forever. My friend Sonya Lea had posted a glorious, moody, vintage looking photo of herself on Facebook and that one image brought me to a daily obsession that has yet to diminish. The level of experimentation available through the innovative iOS Hipstamatic photography app has made my iPhone…

Completed EVENT: 4 Psychedelic Farmlands art shows coming and going in one month!

"Highway 10 Flume-Tinto 1884" photo in my fathers wild and wooly collection

On June 16th, Beatrex Quntanna the astrologer offered: “Jupiter the planet of expansion, abundance, good fortune, and inspiration has moved into the sign of Leo today. Time to be outward bound with your authentic self and be a Movie Star in your life. Are you ready to wear your crown? Own your power and stand…