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Paris is Burning-How Could this Foreshadow Coming Revolutions Through a City Mystic Tarot Reading

City Mystic Paris Tarot Deck

Last night after learning about the violence in Paris I  pulled cards from the City Mystic New York Deck created by Virginia Jester and Chris Hopkins. Interestingly, as I shuffled the black limited edition New York deck a major part of my psyche knew I was actually reading the forthcoming City Mystic Paris deck that Virginia is just finishing.…

Souldust Dream Temple Retreat


What an enchanted time we had last weekend. Gathering at one of the most beautiful retreat centers I have ever been to, an intimate group of us explored what our dreams are leading us to and how to embody those precious callings. Aldermarsh was the location for this Souldust Dream Temple Retreat, and it is a beloved wooded…

Earthdreaming Retreat at Aldermarsh Sanctuary

unnamed-9 copy

Earth loving images, a new UnOrthOdox Oracles video, and my testimonial from Joanna Powell Colbert and James Wells enchanting weekend. “Joanna Powell Colbert and James Wells wove a generous, sacred container to explore how the earth and our sleeping and waking dreams are calling us to unleash our unique gifts. The retreat was a wonderful mix of both…

Northwest Tarot Symposium Post 2 and Off to Readers Studio in NYC

What a magical season it has been. It started with my Women of Wisdom Artemis Return presentation, then the Northwest Tarot Symposium divinatory magic, and now off to my beloved New York City for many offerings at the Readers Studio Tarot conference. At Readers Studio during their Tarot and Psychology offering I will be presenting  a…

Cultural Appropriation and The Ghetto Tarot


Cultural appropriation is a tricky thing. Through the internet’s power to connect the earth we now have instant access to “foreign” ideas and traditions at lightening speeds. There have always been conquests and colonialism, the merging of diverse tribes both peacefully and violently, but the rate at which we can observe other people’s worlds online…

9th anniversary of The Oracle of Initiation deck and sacred symbolism with the Gateway cards


  Today is the 9th anniversary of The Oracle of Initiation deck’s official beginning. The journey has brought me to places within and without that I could never have imagined, and I honestly could die a happy woman because of co-creating at least one deeply satisfying project in this lifetime. The deck has brought me…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 18: Tarot Fundamentals Book + Knocking It Out of the Ballpark


This has been a wild year for Crowdfunding decks. I was bitten by the campaigning bug almost a year ago, and life has been on the fast track since that fateful moment. There have been some really interesting campaigns launched since I began tracking this all, and an exciting new book on Tarot that is…

COMPLETED EVENT: The Northwest Tarot Symposium-Presentation on Crowdfunding Your Deck


The Northwest Tarot Symposium March 6th to 8th, 2015  Mellissae Lucia will be presenting on Crowdfunding Your Deck  Friday the 6th at 4:00 pm to Sunday the 8th at 5:00 pm Monarch Hotel, Clackamas (Portland) Oregon Cost $225 for the entire weekend with a payment plan of two installments of $112.50 available until January 31st.…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 17: Interview with Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot


There are times in one’s life when you recognize your deepest desires through seeing them in another. Connecting with Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland has been one of those moments in my life. Anne and Jill are both accomplished artists and passionate adventurers, women fearlessly manifesting their creative dreams. The part that really touches me…


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