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EVENT: Earth Oracle Awakening at Mt. Shasta for the Blood Moon Eclipse


Earth Oracle Awakening at Mt. Shasta for the Blood Moon Eclipse Presented by Mellissae Lucia and Hillary Raimo September 25th to 29th, 2015 Mt. Shasta, CA The workshop is open to both women and men Cost $777 with payment plans available Sign up here: Hillary Raimo and I will be hosting a phenomena at Mt.…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 18: Tarot Fundamentals Book + Knocking It Out of the Ballpark


This has been a wild year for Crowdfunding decks. I was bitten by the campaigning bug almost a year ago, and life has been on the fast track since that fateful moment. There have been some really interesting campaigns launched since I began tracking this all, and an exciting new book on Tarot that is…

EVENT: The Northwest Tarot Symposium-Presentation on Crowdfunding Your Deck


The Northwest Tarot Symposium March 6th to 8th, 2015  Mellissae Lucia will be presenting on Crowdfunding Your Deck  Friday the 6th at 4:00 pm to Sunday the 8th at 5:00 pm Monarch Hotel, Clackamas (Portland) Oregon Cost $225 for the entire weekend with a payment plan of two installments of $112.50 available until January 31st.…

New Mexico Tarot Tribe


New Mexico is filled with great magic and wonder. The land is intense and the people are also fascinating. The divining tribe here is a wonderful group of people dedicated to wild beauty and independent visions. The photos below are of some of my wanderings with the other desert Oracles, including Anne Staveley and The Wheel…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 17: Interview with Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot


There are times in one’s life when you recognize your deepest desires through seeing them in another. Connecting with Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland has been one of those moments in my life. Anne and Jill are both accomplished artists and passionate adventurers, women fearlessly manifesting their creative dreams. The part that really touches me…

Plaza Blanca, New Mexico


Abiquiu, New Mexico is my favorite place in the world. Plaza Blanca is just one of my haunts there, and its surreal moonscape was made famous by Georgia O’Keefe’s interpretations of it. My Oracle of Initiation deck was created in other canyons in the area, but this eerie terrain holds a special place in my heart.…

Gratitude by David Whyte

A Cascadia Holiday-Trees on a ferryboat

  GRATITUDE David Whyte Gratitude is not a passive response to something we have been given, gratitude arises from paying attention, from being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without us. Gratitude is not necessarily something that is shown after the event, it is the deep, a-priori state of attention that…


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